Comment of the Day: What is Art? Edition

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Image: Kia

I am an avid enthusiast of automobile manufacturers taking risks with regard to design. We need more forward-thinking concepts to keep major international auto shows interesting. Making crazy things look cool for the sake of making crazy things is part of what being a designer is all about.


Unlike Justin, I actually really like the Imagine by Kia. While I’m not a fan of sloped-roof crossovers, I can tell that some real thought went into the design of this thing, not only for the sake of its own existence, but perhaps for the future of the Kia brand. There are some design elements in here, in particular the LED full-width headlight surround, that could be used in future Kia products.

I even like the wide array of screens to look at. It’s completely impractical, but maybe it’s like a commentary on the fractured nature of our increasingly screen-heavy diet of media consumption. Like, real art, maaaaaaan. It means something.

Overall, it’s not a good design, but it is an interesting design. If this were parked in a museum, I would stare at it long enough that people would think I got the most out of it before moving on. I wouldn’t want them to thing I was some kind of unappreciative rube.

Art, like Pornography, is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. And For Sweden’s comment today made me laugh when I saw it. Therefore, For Sweden wins today’s COTD. Congratulations, and may all your art be art.

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Please, we already know what art is, its paintings of horses.