The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Looks Really Sharp

Hyundai released photos of the 2020 Sonata late yesterday and, uh, I think it looks great? Almost Genesis-like? This once-boring sedan is now lower, wider and longer, and it’s probably sharper than ever.

Its most distinctive feature is its daytime running lights, which will look like this:


Hyundai has a stupid name for these lights, but I won’t insult your intelligence by mentioning it here. Other features include a new interior, which we’re seeing for the first time:

The new Sonata will also sit 30 mm lower than its replacement and 25 mm wider, all to make it seem sportier, a concept that I don’t hate. We’re in a moment when some automakers are fleeing sedans, and it’s pleasing to see one lean into them a bit.

Photo: All images Hyundai

The company has said nothing about what kind of powertrains will be in the new Sonata, but four-cylinder engines are expected and you can probably guess that it will be electrified somehow. The car will make its North American debut at the New York International Auto Show next month, the show announced this morning.


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