Here's The Salvage Alfa Romeo 8C That Should Be Your Next Project Car

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It is a bit traumatizing to see the gorgeous Alfa Romeo 8C in such condition. This car was quite obviously crashed due to someone’s mistake, but prior to that the 8000 mile Italian had clearly been well cared for. It’s unclear how the car was crashed, but it is largely superficial damage and could likely be repaired by a reasonably well minded mechanic with very little elbow grease.

This Alfa needs a bumper, possibly a fender, likely a headlight, and some paint work. Granted these parts are rare and won’t be cheap, but hey, it still starts and runs like new, and you’ll have an 8C for a fraction of the cost of a complete one.


Conversely, because this car will have a salvage title for the rest of its life, this is a perfect opportunity to go hog wild and build something truly insane. With a Ferrari-sourced V8 up front, and a longitudinal FR layout, this drivetrain would be the perfect addition to any home built hot rod. I would want to really confuse people and build a Maserati Birdcage-style track car with this engine at the center of it. That sounds like a lot of fun.

With about 450 horsepower, the engine would flat out rip in almost anything you put it in, but a lightweight vintage-looking lattice-chassis track car imbued with 8C power would have the moves like Jagger.

The smart money is on this car being repaired in the short term and returned to some wealthy car fan’s climate controlled collection. It’ll always have the repair as a blemish on its record, but you don’t have to tell everyone about it.

You can place your bids for this bad boy here on


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