Driver Receives Eerie Premonition From God and/or Smash Mouth, Is All Star at Avoiding Crash

Was it a vision? A premonition? A prophecy? Or just something in the lyrics of Smash Mouth? Anyways, I hate the headline that I have written but this video is nuts.

Right as All Star is boomin out the stereo, the driver pulls up to a stop light. But instead of just sitting there like a person normally does, they decided to back up for some reason. Not a minute later, a Mazda gets T-boned right in front of them, sliding right into where there car would have been if they had simply remained there:

I really don’t know what made this driver spontaneously decide to back away from the line at a stop light, though apparently neither does the driver. The video caption just says “Lucky!” And when asked to further explain in the comments below the video what made them back up, they just replied, “God, I guess.”


But we know what it was.

It was the Smash Mouth.

We know.

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Michael Ballaban

I don’t think I also stated enough how much I appreciate that the SUV’s reaction is to back away slowly, instead of checking to make sure people are okay.