Hey pals! I’ve been on vacation the past few days with my wife in Reykjavik, but I’m back now. I thought you might like to see this, something I’m not sure I was aware existed: a Suzuki Samurai (well, that’s what we called it in America) pickup truck.


What a charming and useful-seeming little truck! It even has the all-three folding sides-tailgate I love. So good.

Anyway, good to be back.

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Very unrelated but here are the top 2o selling cars in Iceland 2018 sold to regular folks (i.e. this list does not include cars sold to car rentals. I´m sure that would have put for example Dacia Duster on the list). Most of the Outlanders are actually the PHEV model, making them slightly less boring.

And here are the brands, car rentals etc included. 1 (one) Chevrolet.