McLaren 600LT a Good Car, Says Chris Harris

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Screenshot: Top Gear

It’s hard to go wrong with the formula McLaren used to create the 600LT. Take the 570S and make it a bit lighter, give it a bit more power, and make it minuscule-ly longer. It’s still the most analog car in the McLaren lineup, with standard springs and shock absorbers without the tricky bits of the 720S, and that might be what makes it the best for hustling around a race track. At least, that’s what the famous Chris Harris of Top Gear has to say about it.


The seat padding is a little wrong for him. He thinks the Long Tail name is a little ridiculous. He thinks it’s a bit too laggy in comparison with other turbocharged super sports cars. He thinks it’s visually a bit naff. That’s it. That’s the whole list of downsides to the 600LT.

If you want to hear Top Gear’s Chris Harris croon about the merits of McLaren’s most aggressive Sport Series model, click the play button below. Of course it’s accompanied by the obligatory tire smoke.

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