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Comment of the Day: When Will The Lies End? Edition

Illustration for article titled Comment of the Day: When Will The Lies End? Edition
Image: Bradley Brownell

There is a switch in my 944 that says a/c on it, but when you turn it to the right, it only causes a belt under the hood to squeal and a noticeable drop in power output. It’s a great car otherwise, but why would anyone make a car with that kind of switch? Seems like poor planning on the part of the Germans.


It sounds like Stan has a similar problem with his Toyota Tercel.


As a consolation prize for his Liar’s Button, I’ve awarded Stan the coveted COTD. I hope that the rest of your buttons understand your worth and will no longer lie to you. 

Jalopnik contributor with a love for everything sketchy and eclectic.

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Been there, done that, didn't die.

I had a Celica with a Cruise Control switch that was supposed to make freeway driving easier, but when you turned it on it just floored the throttle and made you fear for your life.