Ford Is Using Auto Tech to Keep Bed Hogs in Their Place

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Lane hogs are the worst. Whether it’s someone holding down the fort five under the speed limit in the left-and-middle lanes at the same time or a lover who forgets all concept of personal space when they doze off, lane hogs are hair-pulling frustrations. Unfortunately, there isn’t an effective solution for the ass in the left lane—but Ford is here to do something about the lane hog in the bedroom.

Yeah. Ford, the auto maker. They’ve introduced a “design concept” (hence a product not available for purchase) called a “lane-keeping bed.” The concept is pretty simple, and it uses concepts from the lane-keeping assist present in Ford vehicles, according to Ford Europe’s blog. But instead of steering wheel that nudges you into another lane when you’re veering into another lane, the bed has pressure sensors that determine when your bedmate is encroaching on your space. An electric motor under the mattress is then activated to roll the wandering sleeper back into place.

Pretty neat, huh? Sleep is pretty important. It affects everything from your mental health to your physical wellbeing, so getting a sufficient amount of shut-eye is essential to, y’know, life. The National Sleep Foundation has done plenty of studies on how a bad snooze with your partner can also affect your relationship—it often results in lower marital satisfaction. Why hasn’t anyone thought of a corrective sleep bed before?


Unfortunately, Ford doesn’t have plans to jump into the mattress market. This is just a prototype, an example of the creative ways automotive technology can be used in all aspects of life if you’re so determined. But here’s hoping a different mattress maker jumps on the idea, for the sake of all the smooshed sleepers out there.

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