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So if you're planning on picking up a Dodge Viper to tool around in this summer — you may want to hold off. Word on the street from no less than two sources is the Chrysler Group will include all models of vehicles — including the Dodge Viper and the entire SRT lineup — in the employee pricing plan. In addition, according to Joe Guy Collier in yesterday's Freep, Dieter Zetsche and Tom LaSorda will be in attendance at the Pepsi 400 on July 1st in Daytona. Although they're not saying what the two high-powered execs will be doing at a high-powered racing event, but our best guess is it's a tie-in of some sort to the "Street and Racing Technology" the SRT folks are all about. Gossip and a best bet? You bet — but that's the way we gotta roll sometimes.

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