This Car Is S O L O U D

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Yesterday I put up a story detailing some of the shortcomings of the two-rotor engine that came stock in the Mazda RX-8. Kiwi Marcus van Klink offers a practical solution: replace the two-rotor dud with the legendary three-rotor 20B, and engine that is LOUDER THAN THE SUN IS HOT.

Do you see this? It is a verdant valley, rolling foothills crisscrossed by the Rally Otago down in New Zealand. What you do not see is Klinky’s RX-8. But trust me, you hear it.

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Watch this video and you’ll see a Mitsubishi Evo ripping up the rally stage, but it’s Klinky’s RX-8 that you’re hearing over it, three rotors buzzing several hills away.

I have looked up another video of the car, in which you can get a better view of its big wing and sequential trans in action. Be grateful for this video, as I can only assume the camera operator’s head exploded during its recording.

This is a relatively new build still in development, picking up a good 50 horsepower just in October, as reports. I believe that would come to 420 HP in total, if the above YouTube description is to be believed. Anyone familiar with rear-drive rallying will happily tell you this is “more than enough.”

Every so often I wake up in the night, sweating. On a notepad at my bedside, I’ll write down my dreams, their tendrils still snaking out of my head, down my arm and onto the page. As I see the words fill out before me, I realize that dragon was no dragon. Its bark was no cry. It was rotary in my dreams, a powerful monster seeking to destroy. Oil and gas are not enough for it to consume. It barks for me. It is not satisfied taking my heart. It wants my soul.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

Have heard straight piped rotaries racing before in person. Can confirm, it’s painful.