There's Another McLaren 'Longtail' With Top-Exit Exhausts Coming

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Besides making great cars that are both excellent to drive and live with, McLaren is also actively making the world a better place by offering things like the 2019 McLaren 600LT with top-exit exhaust pipes. The new, upcoming and yet-unnamed “Longtail” McLaren will also sport these pipes.


This new Longtail will be the fifth car to carry the moniker, typically reserved for the trackier versions of McLaren’s already very sporty cars and to be produced in very limited numbers. The last LT we saw was the 600LT, so I personally have reason to believe that the upcoming one will be the 600LT Spider.

The provided photo only shows those top-exit exhausts, but the rear lines don’t seem to continue in a fashion that would suggest a fixed roof. Rather, they look like they end pretty flat, as they would for a droptop.Also, this is something that McLaren has done before, with r the 675LT and also a 675LT Spider.

It’s either that, or a 720LT, because why the heck not. Turn up the dials a bit, slap on some new bumpers, and boom, McLaren’s got a 720LT. That’s often just what McLaren does.

We’ll find out more next week. All we care about is that exhaust, anyway.


Vroom vroom exhaust.

Update 11:40 a.m. EST: Oh, and I just stumbled across this video. More teasers!

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It’s a new P1 GTR LT, because McLaren says why the fuck not...

Seriously is anyone concerned that McLaren is just pumping out a ton of varying iterations of cars? It’s starting to get a bit silly.

Why make a new Ayrton edition P1 GTR when you just came out with the Senna?

Why kill the 650 and 675LT so quickly for the 720?

Why is the baby McLaren up to a 600LT already?

I know McLaren is selling cars and doing well, it’s just very concerning and probably not sustainable...