Watch a Bollard Show a Drunk Driver in a Speeding Car Who's Boss

If you’re tempted to get liquored up and go to your local bollard and barrier bar and try to start some shit, let me just stop you right now: that is a terrible idea. Bollards are badasses who will lay you out without breaking a sweat. Just like this one did in the small Belgian town of Roeselare last week to a drunk Pole driving an Audi.


Here, look at the video:

Damn, right? Sure, the bollard does get a bit deformed and bent by the impact, but come on, the light on it doesn’t even go out. And look at the Audi! This is a match where the bollard wins, no question.


The 24-year old Polish citizen was stopped by police in a routine check, but then fled, leading to this encounter with the bollard, which can retract into the ground if it so desires. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol, and, according to the Focus WTV article, lost his license for 15 days, which seems a pretty light sentence for a DUI.

(Thanks, Mario!)

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