An Ex-Military Humvee Is A Gulf War-Era Icon

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Image: Hello Road on YouTube

The HMMWV contract to replace the original 1950s design GPW Jeep was bid on and won by AM General, beginning production in 1983. Because the 24 hour news cycle began shortly thereafter, it wasn’t long before the Humvee was taking center stage on the television screens of American households everywhere.


The Gulf War raged on in the early 1990s and in a way defined the era. People wanted the tough-guy visuals and over-or-through capabilities of a military Humvee, but didn’t want to live through the discomfort that troops experienced inside one of these rattle traps. The Humvee eventually spawned a civilian version, as well as the hardcore in looks only Hummer H2 and H3.

This is a pretty cool short video from Ethan Tufts at Hello Road. He rented this Humvee on Turo in Los Angeles, and gives us an idea of what it’s like to drive without us actually having to climb aboard. He takes the M998 A0 to a neat military vehicles museum, and talks a bit about the truck’s historical significance.

This might be the perfect vehicle for Turo, because there’s no way in hell I’d want to own it, but it might be fun to drive for a day or two. 

In the interest of disclosure, Ethan is a friend of mine and a huge proponent of Radwood. I became friends with him because I watched his kickass videos and love the quality of the videography he produces. This video is no exception. He tells a great story, and makes it look pretty.

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Recovering Gaijin

I loved the Hummer when it came out: portal axles, 30" (?) water-fording, some absurd -like 60°- angle before it would roll over. Then I got a ride in one of the first civilian ones-just on-road, tho. It was >crap< for that: too large & massy for the street. Noisy, unrefined, vague, and too-stiff suspension.

Years later I cornered a Nat’l Guardsman who was fueling one at my store and asked him what >he< thought of them. He hated it as well: said he would rather have an old K5 Blazer.

They are definitely Jalop as hell-my definition of Jalop being a vehicle you love or desire for its’ coolness or capabilities no matter what comprises you have to make in terms of safety or comfort or practically for daily use. We all have that equation in our head, or we wouldn’t BE on this website. Right?

No offense intended-just my opinion based on a minute data-set.

Offense intended: go buy you one-but first order that crappy $35 flashlight the ‘as a former Navy Fighter Pilot...’ guy drops from a helicopter on late-nite commercials. If you REALLY like that light more  than the cheaper, better ones you can get, then the Hummer is for you.