Looks Like Lincoln Will Bring Back Suicide Doors After All

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I was just lamenting about how Lincoln has teased us with reverse-opening suicide doors on concept cars for years. Well, my pleas may actually be getting answered. Apparently the refreshed Lincoln Continental will, finally, gain the clapdoors it hasn’t had since 1969. This time they’re called “Coach Doors.”


According to forums and corroborated by a picture that, legally, we can’t directly repost here, the 2020 Lincoln Continental should feature rear suicide doors, just like the classic Continentals. Though unlike the classic Continentals, there will be a thick B-pillar between the doors.

The picture of the refreshed Continental is said to come from a closed dealer’s presentation in October, though the picture seems to have surfaced to the greater internet automotive-door-enthusiast public late last week.

Other posts on the GM Inside News forum suggest that orders for the car, which seems to be considered a special edition, will start on Monday, with a price of around $150,000 and requiring a $5,000 deposit to place an order, and will continue until they’ve sold 80.

It’s not clear if these doors are just for a special Black Label Continental edition, or if the doors will show up across the Continental line. Hopefully, these doors will be a standard part of the car, as it will finally give a standout styling differentiator and a compelling reason to consider a new Continental.

Good for you, Lincoln. About damn time.

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1. Jalopnik can’t share the picture, but I can:

2. This seems to indicate there will be a 2020 Continental, and Lincoln intends on continuing with the model? Good news for those of us who like it.

3. Please Lincoln put the car on a RWD-based platform like it should have been from the start; you have one now for the Aviator. Performance benefits aside, it would fix the dowdy FWD proportions.