BMW Driver Redeemed Himself After This Embarrassing Formula E Start

Screenshot: ABB Formula E

BMW Andretti driver Antonio Felix da Costa won today’s Formula E race in Saudi Arabia, so his friends and teammates don’t have to feel guilty about ribbing him over this screwy parking job at the pole position.


Basically it looks like da Costa got confused as to whether he was supposed to line up on the yellow painted stripe or blue painted bracket, then when he couldn’t decide, sort of ended up starting the race with his car askew. I bet some folks were pretty mad for a second there; the awkward starting position put the BMW Andretti team at a tactical disadvantage coming off the line.

But as you know if you watched the race or read the results, da Costa did wind up ending in first, after starting in first, immediately getting passed, then jockeying back to win.

Mr. da Costa’s goof has been immortalized by this morning’s broadcast on the Formula E YouTube channel. If you didn’t watch it earlier, you can catch it just after the 35:00 mark.

Man. I want to add more scathing commentary about what whiff this is but I totally would’ve tried to park on the yellow line too.

The next Formula E race is on January 12, 2019 from Marrakesh, Morocco. You should be able to watch it on the ABB Formula E YouTube channel.

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Aww, can’t believe I missed the Formula E race from Saudi Arabia.... I understand the winner got a trophy AND a bonesaw! Any journalists accidentally get into a fistfight and get chopped up into little pieces?