Here's the 2020 Toyota Supra Face Before You're Supposed to See It

Despite all the teasing, and hinting from Toyota, we still have yet to see the brand-new, BMW-saturated, 2020 Toyota Supra underneath all that dazzle camouflage. A user named Supra93 on the SupraMKV forum has solved this problem for us, however, with the first un-camo’d picture of the face of the new Supra, caught unawares in its enclosed transport-pod. It sort of looks like it’s tasted something sour.

We’ve seen the patent drawings of the car that have also given a pretty clear idea of what the face would look like, but it’s still not the same as seeing the real car. The result looks agressive and purposeful, but it’s also got a bit of a squinty grimace going on that gives it a look of distaste, like maybe it’s a little disgusted with all the cars around it.


The fundamental forms do echo Toyota’s FT-1 concept car, though they’re toned down for production and the prominent nose has gained a trapezoidal air intake.

How the car will look with a front license plate is not entirely clear, but based on the position of the European-style plate on the camo’d version, it’ll likely look something like this:


It’s sort of a buck-toothed look, but I suspect some may opt to mount it off to one side or the other. It also seems like a license plate would block a lot of airflow to that front intake, though you’d expect Toyota’s engineers have considered this.

It’s possible the negative spaces in the Toyota badge provide airflow as well, but I can’t tell from this picture, and it’s usually been covered with camouflage stickers, so perhaps that’s unlikely.


A pair of what seem to be ultrasonic parking sensors flank the central intake, and while it’s likely foglamps can be mounted in the side openings, there don’t seem to be any here.

It’s also worth noting and responding to this comment on the SupraMkV forum:


Now, bitch.

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