New York City Buses Are Now Pleading For Help

Photo: TJANI/Twitter/GIF: Jason Torchinsky

New York City’s public transit system is a mess. Each day, as it becomes increasingly decrepit, it seems to cry for help. And now the buses are, quite literally, calling out for help.

A man was captured on video yelling at and damaging a city bus in Manhattan Tuesday evening after the driver refused to stop for him, he claimed.


Not being able to get on a bus is one thing, but did this poor mass-transit vehicle really deserve this kind of assault?

The man, seen in the tweet above, hopped into a New York City Transit System bus while it was stopped and entered into a verbal dispute with the bus driver, a police spokesperson said over the phone. Cops also said that following that, he kicked in the glass on the bus’s front and rear doors causing an estimated $2,000 of damage to the vehicle. The incident occurred on East Houston St. and Forsyth St. at around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday evening in Manhattan, the spokesperson added.

“It was pretty standard. Nobody gave a shit nor did anything,” @TJANI, the totally nonchalant-seeming Twitter user who posted the video and watched this all go down, told us in a direct message.


In the video above, a person can be seen taking swings at the bus and attempting to break its mirrors off as it begged for help on its front exterior display.

What did the bus do to this guy to deserve this?

“Go ahead, run me over—just like you ran past every bus stop,” the man yelled.

According to TJANI, the bus took a few hits but was able to break free of the attack.


“[The] bus got away. He tried to give chase but couldn’t keep up,” TJANI said.

Following the Man vs. Bus throwdown, the bus-chaser fled the scene on foot, police said. No injuries were reported.


“We do not tolerate any behavior that threatens the safety and security of our employees and customers,” New York City Transit President Andy Byford said in an emailed statement. “We take this matter very seriously and are working with NYPD to find this individual and bring him to justice.”

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