We all know that sedans are going through some hard times right now, with GM just killing off six of its sedans because, let’s face it, fewer and fewer people want to buy them. But maybe the problem isn’t sedans themselves, it’s that a new take on the sedan is needed, and maybe, just maybe, that new take has to come from some crappy Photoshopping done for a Chevy dealership in Ohio.


Just look at that majestic beast there. This as-yet unknown Chevy Equinox Sedan may be just the thing to get an SUV/Crossover-obsessed populous to fall back in love with the sedan format.

You have the three-box styling of a sedan with a hint of fastback, yet still retaining the uselessly overblown proportions of an SUV. It’s just what GM needs.

Sure, it came from some inattentive Photoshop grunt who is seemingly unfamiliar with the shape of a Chevy Equinox mistakenly turning a possibly reflective rear side cargo-area window into the vast nothingness over a sedan trunk, but GM shouldn’t be a snob about where it’s getting ideas.


I’m sure the Austintown, Ohio dealership would love to be your first test market for the new Equinox Sedan, GM. Better give ‘em a call.

(Thanks, Corey!)

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