Photo: Bradley Brownell

Every new generation of Porsche comes with a whole heaping helping of “The old one was better” from the core group of curmudgeonly enthusiasts. I’m not immune to this, as I vastly prefer the 981-generation Cayman over the current 718, but I digress. There is a new 911 launching on Tuesday, and I expect to hear a reprise of this same old song shortly thereafter.


I am interested, however, in the history of this. I imagine folks kicking rocks outside of Max Hoffman’s New York dealership in 1952 saying, “Man, Porsche was better when they were built in a dirt floor decomissioned saw mill in Austria.” Did that happen?

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I’m 64, between 1977 and now I’ve owned a 914, 924, two 944s, and four 911s. I’ve always looked forward to the one that hasn’t been built yet, BUT.....there’s always a core group of Porsche enthusiasts, and many of them younger, who will go on about how much better the preceding model was. Really what makes the preceding one better is that some schmuck ate the depreciation, therefore making it easier for me to buy and flog the crap out of at places called Lime Rock, Watkins Glen, Palmer, and Thompson!