California's Fires Have Burned Mulholland Highway Almost Beyond Recognition

The scale of California’s fires are beyond anything of living memory, and new photos of The Snake, that infamously crash-prone section of the Mulholland Highway, look like they were taken on another planet.

Growing up I would see the scars of fires every summer, passing through the foothills of the Coast Range and the Sierras, but even to me these pictures posted by the CHP look uncanny.


A quick search of photos recently posted in the area turns up more:


The death toll is still rising and it feels more and more like the California I grew up in will never return. Feel lucky if you saw it before it burned.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Malibu burns periodically. This is nothing new unless you’re a transplant whose never been through a bad California fire season.