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Screenshot: Jon Baker/TrophyLTD1990

This used to be a 1988 Ford Crown Vic LTD. Now it’s the sketchiest golf kart I have ever seen.


Is it actually a farm kart? A sketchmobile? It’s a frame, a V8, some seats, and not much else.


You’ll know the owner of this car. He’s the guy who blew everyone’s minds with the Crown Vic desert truck-that-wasn’t-a-truck. He reminded the world that trucks aren’t the only body-on-frame vehicles out there, and you can do much of your desert-modifying truck stuff to old American sedans, too.

So the Crown Vic is a taxi, a cop car, a perfect highway cruiser, and now the ultimate sand machine, too. There is no end to its resilience.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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