Why You Should Join a Car Club

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I was always skeptical of car clubs, but I wound up loving the one I found at my university. It was filled with enthusiasts and people were real nice to each other, even though the first few meet-ups were so filled with BMWs and Mitsubishi Evos that we nicknamed ourselves BMWs, Evos and Friends.


Last week, I asked you guys for the car clubs you’re part of. Did you start it? How often do you meet? What do you do together?

I didn’t expect much out of my own BMWs, Evos and Friends experience, but after a little while I started to appreciate that spending time with cars took me out of my own garage, my normal circle, and into the company of people I’d never have met otherwise. That’s what makes the car community great: You’ll always have other people with similar interests to hang out with. That’s why we form clubs.

Oh, and we met Jay Leno once when we were out for a cruise on Mulholland. He had his F1 with him. It was neat.

Anyway, enough about me, time for you! Let’s hear about these clubs.

The Firebirds (Stag GT)

Great name!


Mopar and Japanese Bikes (A. Barth)

I like your taste.


Stateline Rallycross (shop-teacher)

That photo says it all.


“The HubCap” (asegal17)

You guys have a newsletter!?


Abarth Club (redred)

You guys must make quite some noise.


Saaaab (vbranis)



Lifers (ShowerThoughtsofJohnMayer)

You guys are in it for the long run.


Buick Club of America (ninjagin)

A wonderful collection of stuff here.


JNC (altezza_vika)

Sounds like everyone is welcome.


AlfaBB (Chairman Kaga)

A great group of people.


Gran Touring Motorsports (MredkilledmyZ)

Think about joining this one!


Smart (Miss Mercedes ♥✈ Smart & UJM Hoarder)

This just seems like the best.


Suicide Slabs Canada (Pat)

Check out these Continentals.


Hobbies (LionZoo)

There are lots of ways of staying involved.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.



A club, sure, but based on my experiences, avoid any that are model specific.

Any grand idea of what the club was supposed to be, quickly dissolves into a dick-swinging contest on who can spend the most money because you run out of things to talk about after the second get-together because you all have the same car.

Then all meetings appear to invite the ONE person in your group that
-has to make everything about themselves
-knows someone who can one up whatever you did
-get offended by any joke that doesn’t have a rim-shot play afterward (god forbid they be a veteran or some other unassailable group)

Or you just stop having meetings because who wants to drive 30-45 minutes to look at exactly what you already have at home.

Join one of these types of clubs mentioned above with diversity, or like a board that plans cool shit to do. Honestly, I’m jealous as fuck.

Also, don’t have to Atlanta’s Caffeine and Octane, It’s like Night of the Living Dead.... but with more cars.