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It’s bright yellow with stripes and stickers and patches of primer. It’s got a Olds Toronado 455 cubic inch big block mounted in the bed with chrome zoomies sticking out the back. If you’ve seen the Roadkill “Mazdarati” Mazda REPU in person, you’re not soon to forget it. Which is why it’s so freaking stupid that some thieves decided to jack the truck from the Roadkill dudes.


The weird project truck joined the Roadkill family back in 2015 with episode 45, which is still on YouTube and can be watched below. Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger have fought to get this wild thing into the 10s since then, throwing more nitrous at it than an unruly dental patient. Based on Freiburger’s Instagram post from yesterday, which depicts the Mazdarati blowing up its transaxle, the thieves would have had to first unload it from the trailer it was chained to, then push, pull, or drag the inoperable truck out of there.


Having a car stolen is never a good time, especially when you’ve put as much time and effort into it as the RK guys have into this one. It’s not like this truck is worth much, particularly with a grenaded transmission, but it’s sentimental for the team and their fans. If you see anything, or know anything about this beast, email with info. All points BOLO.

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