See How The New 2019 BMW M850i Does In An Estoril Hot Lap

I knew the recently resurrected 2019 BMW 8 Series would be huge and opulent. I was not expecting it to be as fast and as good on the track as it is. This nice surprise was revealed to us by our tame racing driver Robb Holland, who hustled an M850i around Portugal’s Autódromo do Estoril.


Here is the video from the track test you read earlier this week, and in it Robb comes away pretty impressed with what the big new flagship BMW coupe can do. Despite being a big beef boy at 4,478 pounds (the car, not Robb, just we’re clear) it can do zero to 60 mph in an eyebrow-raising 3.6 seconds. And Robb’s best time at Estoril was barely two seconds off his time at the same course in an M5. So basically, the new 8 may be huge, but it can hustle.

Is BMW winning the performance all-wheel drive game right now? Robb seems to think so.

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Wait, what? You said Robb’s time was 2 seconds off the M5? I’m guessing based on the footage that Robb wasn’t going for a fast lap, and had a pace car in front of him the whole time. He wasn’t even wearing a helmet. Hot laps are fun and all but I wouldn’t go making up lap time figures.