The Third Reich Rose Again, Crashed

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If there is one thing I did not expect to see today, it’s a Nazi cosplaying plane dropping out of the sky and onto Southern California’s 101 freeway. The plane touched down in the center of the northbound lanes, slamming into the center divider and draping one wing over into the southbound lanes about 30 miles west of Los Angeles proper.


Upon landing the pilot got out and walked away unhurt as the plane went up in flames. No other cars were involved in the crash, but the freeway was closed in both directions.

The plane, which looks be a vintage North American T-6 Texan originally used as a trainer aircraft, took off from the Van Nuys airport, according to a report from an NBC affiliate. The plane allegedly belonged to the Condor Squadron, a history group that flies old planes often in World War II-era liveries, and was dressed up to look like a WWII-era German Wermacht plane with the Nazi armed forces balkenkreuz decorating both wings. The plane did not carry the traditional swastika tail markings.

The club’s website says the Condor Squadron flies in formation for parades, celebrations, and memorials.


There is no word yet on what may have lead to the crash landing. We will update this post with further information as we get it.

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Tom McParland

I bet these commuters on the 101 did Nazi that plane coming.