Care by Volvo Comes to Canada With the Promise of Winter Tires

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Care by Volvo, Volvo’s subscription program that was off to a rocky start here in the U.S., has expanded to Canada as of this week. The setup there is slightly different than what we have here, but it includes winter tires. Sounds pretty ace to me.


Unlike our program here, which includes car insurance rolled up into that flat monthly fee, the Canadian program doesn’t offer insurance. Instead, customers will receive winter tires and storage for the snowy months. That’s handy, considering that winter tires are required in Quebec and parts of British Columbia.

I asked Volvo why the Canadian program offered winter tires and the U.S. one didn’t, as it snows quite a bit here, too. Apparently, it’s because Volvo looks at each of its programs nationally. Meaning that, it made more sense to offer the winter tires in Canada than in the U.S. as a flat-rate national program because it snows more overall in Canada than it does here.

As we’ve written about extensively before, winter tires are crucial, especially if you live in a place where it snows frequently. It seems like they’d be an important part of Volvo’s subscription program to include. Do Care by Volvo customers living in Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota have to pay for their own tires out of pocket, as the Volvo retailers aren’t allowed to add additional services to the subscription cars? The Volvo spokesperson said they’d get back to me about that one.

Anyway, on Volvo’s Canadian site, you can now see a link that will take you to a Care by Volvo page. Offerings will include the S60 (949 CAD per month) the S60 R-Design (1,049 CAD per month), V60 (949 CAD per month) and the V60 R-Design (1,049 CAD per month). Deliveries to customers will start this coming January, reports Automotive News Canada.

And despite numerous reports of delays in deliveries at the start of Care by Volvo, Volvo claims that it is on track and has been delivering cars. The spokesperson again pointed to “paperwork” as a cause for some delays, which is what we heard in June. When we visited this issue then, New York was the only state that hadn’t approved deliveries but Volvo expected everything to clear in a matter of “days to weeks.”

It’s now October and Volvo is still waiting on New York to respond so it can commence deliveries.


Update 5:13 p.m. EST: Volvo confirmed that Care by Volvo customers in the U.S. can put winter tires on their cars at their own expense as long as they replace them with the factory wheels upon return.

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I don’t the value in this (am Canadian). A lease of 1000+$ per month. With no buy back option and, for business, over the 600$/month allowed for tax deduction.