Watching This Bear Casually Open This Car's Doors Is Freaking Me the Hell Out

Gif: Red Van Workshop (Twitter)

Bears getting into cars continues to be one of the strangest phenomena to frequently come up in my timeline, and this recent video of a bear casually opening not one, not two, but three car doors just like a damn human has me really on edge.


The video comes from a security camera at Red Van Workshop, which is an IT company in Boulder, Colorado. The bear may open up the car like he owns the dang thing, but it’s actually owned by a Red Van employee, according to KDVR.

Look at how this bear goes straight for the door handle on the passenger side, almost like it’s done this before. Maybe it has—we’ve covered bears getting into cars too many times to continue shrugging it off. Something is up.

One door may be a coincidence, but the bear then goes around and opens two other doors? It definitely knows what it’s doing. It won’t be long until they’re turning keys and driving off, and then we’re in real trouble.

Who the hell is going to teach these bears some sense of respect for personal property? Who the hell is going to teach them how to drive? Why is it all so damn adorable?

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik



So some moron alive is surprised that leaving their automobile unlocked results in theft and we need an article blaming a bear? Lock your bloody vehicle and prevent theft AND bear destruction.