Rally Driver Stops Mid-Race At Someone's House to Have a Poo

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I’m pretty sure that driving while you really, really have to take a shit is at least as dangerous as driving drunk. Your body tenses up, your focus shifts from the road ahead to the road within, on which you’re desperately trying to stop the flow of, um, traffic—it’s just dangerous. Better to pull over and find a place to poop, like this French rally driver did, mid-race, at the home of an accommodating Welsh couple.


Even better, the whole thing—well, not the whole thing, the part that was outside of the house and bathroom—was caught on video by motorsport photographer Paul Fraikin:

The driver was Pierre-Louis Loubet, and he was driving his Hyundai WRC rally car through a Welsh town transiting presumably between two of the 23 stages of the WRC Championship race when he realized he couldn’t take it anymore, and likely had enough of driving while hosting a turtle head.

The 21-year-old driver pulled over by some row houses, parallel parked, and knocked on a door, asking to use the bathroom. The couple accommodated him, thankfully, and you can see one of the house’s residents explaining how the driver had to laboriously remove his entire racing suit to complete his task.

I’m sure if Loubet’s career goes really well, those leavings may really be worth something, though I suspect they’re part of the Welsh sewage system now.

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So polite. He went to an actual house and asked for permission to use their can instead of just crapping behind a bush like a desperate pleb.