Comment of the Day: Kenny Rogers Edition

Image: Wade Payne/AP
Image: Wade Payne/AP

Yesterday Toyota announced it was recalling some of its C-HRs, since their bolts can loosen, possibly causing the rear wheels to fall off. Somehow, one Jalopnik reader turned this situation into a joke about the singer Kenny Rogers.

I’ll be honest: I had no clue what the heck this comment was all about, or why so many people found it funny:

I had to google those first few words to learn that they are the lyrics of a song by Kenny Rogers—the singer who peaked in the late ’70s and early ’80s, not the former ace pitcher for the Texas Rangers or Detroit Tigers—called “Lucille,” which you’ve probably gathered by now rhymes with “loose wheel.”

Thus, despite my ignorance, I must admit that cdoggyd’s comment is indeed funny. And as a reward, allow me to present cdoggyd with the only video that makes sense in this situation:

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Thanks cdoggyd, for reminding me of that really old joke! To you kids, you have no idea how big Kenny Rogers was back then. He was everywhere. Even The Muppet Show.

He even made movies about racecar drivers!