Check Out This Bizarre Towing Setup

Photo credit: Molly Duggan
Photo credit: Molly Duggan

Have a gander at this truck towing a truck towing a truck towing a dump-truck hauling a Toyota Rav4. Many of us have probably seen tractor-units towing other tractor-units, but it’s the RAV4 in the dump-bed that puts this setup squarely in the “bizarre” category.


This pile trucks (and Rav4) rolling down I-95 South in Rhode Island was spotted by BMW driver Molly Duggan, who posted the photo to car enthusiast group Oppositetalk.

“I was driving my e36 m3, saw it as I was passing it and thought ‘there’s no way there was a Rav in that dump bed,’” Duggan told me over Facebook messenger. “Then slowed down and snapped the picture.”


I would have done the same, because that’s a thoroughly impressive setup—perhaps even more so than last week’s box truck towing an SUV towing a trailer.

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Umm... ahem... I guess I have to explain.  You see, when 5 trucks love each other very much...