This Stretched Rolls-Royce Cullinan Costs $2 Million

Photos: Klassen

Think your 17-and-a-half-foot-long Rolls-Royce Cullinan is big? Think again. What you need is this stretched version offered by the small German company Klassen, run up to nearly 21 feet and costing you about $2 million USD.


You can see all of its cars for sale here on its website, but Klassen is probably best known in the states for modifying superluxe versions of Mercedes vans. The company also sells armored S-Classes, stretched Range Rovers and has at least one modified Hummer H2 you can pick up for a quarter of a million euros.

This is a company that I trust implicitly and without a shred of doubt.

That being said, Motor1 spotted this Cullinan, the company’s newest offering, made, for some reason, on It’s kind of like Germany’s car section of Craigslist. Maybe it’s a bit closer to eBay Motors. Either way, odd.

Klassen says it will add another three and a bit feet to the middle of the Cullinan and armor the thing, too. This is from the vehicle’s for sale listing:

The limousines are armored to the highest levels of ballistic protection in level 7 (formerly B6) and level 9 (formerly B7). All KLASSEN ® limousines are available with stretched rear doors, raised roofs and options like armored glass-panoramic-roofs.

The exclusive interior is equipped with luxury partition walls and state-of-the-art technology like an iMac multimedia center with PC/Wi-Fi/CD/DVD, a Bang & Olufsen Sound system and also ambient LED lighting. All relevant functions can be controlled via an iPhone.


Given that the Cullinan already weighs about 5,800 pounds stock, I assume that this armored and stretched version will have its own gravitational pull, perhaps meaning to pull the guns out of the hands of anyone seeking to attack you on your way to your private diamond mine or whatever.


Klassen says it’ll take six months to finish a Cullinan after your order, so get to it.

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