Comment of the Day: Rollback Edition

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Today, we saw a Ferrari TheFerrari hit the Bring A Trailer page with just 95 miles on the clock. Wow! Ninety-five miles is an incredibly low figure; whoever buys this thing is basically getting a brand new car.


Nobody should ever question the legitimacy of a Ferrari mileage counter. Nobody! Especially not Stang70Fastback, who wrote,

What nonsense is Stang talking about? I certainly have no idea. (We are not saying that this particular TheFerrari has had its odometer rolled back, we are just saying that it’s happened before.)

Anyway, at the time of this writing, the current bid has reached $3 million.

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Corinthian Leatherface

Congratulations, Stang70Fastback! Sure, that comment qualifies as “low hanging fruit”, but so does posting this hastily copied-from-Google-Images picture of the sexy human who will gift you this Ferrari!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I miss $kaycog too.