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I hear two sad-sack things from you jokers all the time: “I should have bought that car when I had the chance” and “I never should have sold that car.” We all make mistakes, and now it’s time to share them with the class.


In the world of cars, what’s the one that got away from you? The one you still think about. The big, lingering regret, the purchase or sale or ownership experience that should’ve gone differently.

As for me, I’m happy to say I don’t have too many regrets, in cars or in general. I recently passed on the chance to get a smoked-in, automatic, BMW 530i sedan, the E34 with the forgotten baby 3.0-liter V8 for just $1,800. Do I wish I had gone for it? I dunno, it wouldn’t have been a car for forever. But it could have been a weird, fun car to fuck around in for a few months. I’m convinced I can do better, though.


How about you? Which one is the one that got away from you, and how?

Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.

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