These Are the Disastrous Stories of Your First Car Accidents

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Just like you never forget your first car, you also never forget your first car accident. And unfortunately, they are just a part of the growing pains associated with being a new driver.


Last week, I asked you guys to recall your first car accident. Hopefully, nobody got hurt and you walked away that day learning a few valuable lessons. That’s the tricky thing about experience: You only gain it in hindsight.

My first car accident took place in the high school parking lot when I was a senior. I have a feeling a lot of these are going to take place at around the same time for the rest of you.

Let’s hear it.

Rear-Ending (spaced99)

It’s usually your fault if you do it.

Coffee Spill (Rocky Biddle Oysters)

Don’t ever look away while you’re moving!


DEER! (Jemery Mailman)

They are rats with hooves, I swear.


The “Faith Healer” (BoxerOligarchy)

Just, wow.


Saab Story (Akio Ohtori)

Love for your car doesn’t mean shit.


Drunk Driver (dnitro)

At least one of these stories had to involve one.


High School (Donkeyshins)

At least you weren’t more injured!


Night Shift (skeffles)

Do! Not! Drive! While! Drowsy!


Ice Cream (Miss Mercedes ♥✈ Smart & UJM Hoarder)

This one is heartbreaking.


City Planning (Meotter96)

Sometimes you can’t just rely on the lights.


No Way (LTT)

What are the chances!?

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Teh Penguin of Doom

Driving logs to get a license? Are you European or something?