Let's Get Nostalgic Remembering Our First Automotive Loves

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We all have those cars we just can’t forget. No matter how terrible we learn they are, or how unattainable, or even how right we were all along, we’re still going to love them with all our hearts.

Last week, I asked y’all what cars were your first loves. I had a feeling the answers would be good, and I certainly was not disappointed. So many of you sat down at the keyboard to wax poetic about the beauties you fell head-over-heels for that I couldn’t resist compiling them into one big post.

Sit back and enjoy, Jalops. This is the start of the story of how we all got here.


Heart-Eyes for Corvettes (zero9999, BatmanBrandon, Stef Schrader)

Any car is a Jalopnik car if you love it enough!


Sweet Subaru (Jonee)

Forgotten cars need love too!


Down-to-Earth Exotics (Hello Chief Let’s Talk Why Not)

I think you made a good compromise here.


We’re All Dreamers (Forkish)

Pssst: sometimes you should meet your heroes.


Spaceship Citroën (Green Pig)

This is the kind of special kid-like wonder I wish I still felt


Bad Cars, Good Memories (Cris Collinsworth says, “Here is a guy...”)

When we’re young, it doesn’t matter if it’s terrible. We’ll still love that bad boy, anyway


Baby’s First Manual (sinisterblogger)

This is committment


Life-Changing Moments (HarkPtooie)

I love hearing stories of people falling for cars later in life!


Holiday in Suburbia (Carilloskis)

Sometimes our best loves find us in the most unexpected chassis


The Family Porsche (K-Roll-PorscheTamer)

Family passions are rare but beautiful things


Muscle Machine (Barry Land)

Take me back so I can experience this moment firsthand


Ford Fiend (Watchdevil)

This is the pinnacle of the beauty of passion


General Lee (Yes, I drive a 240… Sort of)

I think there are plenty of us (i.e. me) in the same boat


Champion at the Wheel (codfangler)

I would love to get behind the wheel of any of these cars


Silver Nights, Silverado (Carbon Fiber Sasquatch)

The magic of a new car is something you can’t deny

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71MGBGT Likes Subarus of Unusual Colors

My first car was a 1971 MGB-GT that I bought in 2011 and it was absolutely perfect, only like 30,000 miles on it. I learned how to drive stick shift on it but had to sell her after a few months due to extenuating circumstances. It taught me that the journey was much more important than the destination, which you always need to keep in mind when driving with Lucas electronics. I’ve driven better and faster cars, but my heart will always long for an MGB-GT.