Rapper Post Malone to People Wishing For His Damaged Plane to Crash: 'Fuck You'

Screenshot via CBS News
Screenshot via CBS News

Rapper Post Malone, hot off of winning Song of the Year at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, found himself onboard a plane headed for London earlier today with a damaged landing gear. After safely landing a few hours later, he had a chance to respond to everyone publicly wishing for his plane to crash.

Reports of a private luxury aircraft with damaged landing gear popped up just after 11 a.m. earlier today, and it was later revealed that Post Malone was one of its passengers. The flight circled Teterboro Airport and then diverted to New York Stewart International Airport. It remained in the air for over four hours to burn off fuel before attempting the emergency landing, according to the New York Daily News.

Evidently, some people online publicly shared their joy in Malone’s precarious situation, prompting the rapper to tweet a response upon his safe landing:


Video taken just after the landing seemingly shows the plane in question, with its blown tires on the rear-left landing gear:

No matter how bad the concept of getting Malone to perform alongside 21 Savage and Aerosmith is, you shouldn’t wish for people to die in plane crashes.

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