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ā€¢ War, whoo-ha. What is it good for? Great deals for you. Bankruptcy for them? [Freep]
ā€¢ Go-go-go Fiat, you know what they say ā€” now, now, now Fiat ā€” you'll make it today. []
ā€¢ X gonna give it to ya ā€” he's gonna give it to ya ā€” especialy if you're a cop. [sfgate]
ā€¢ How does a body manage to find it's way under a car? [Click On Detroit]
ā€¢ Go trade surplus! It's about the only thing US automakers are beating Japanese automakers at. [Japan Times Online]

ā€¢ In LA, even the car crashes are a big production. [WISH-TV]