The Truck Almost Hits The Train

Take this in. There’s a truck. There’s a train. The truck is turning near where the train will be. The train approaches the truck, which is turning in such a way that it might be occupying the same space that the train will also be occupying.


Watch as the truck turns. The train is unable to turn. The onus is on the truck. The truck has to be the one to turn in such a way that it does not make contact with the train.

But can the truck sufficiently turn in such a way to avoid striking the train, to avoid reaching that moment in which turning turns tragedy, in which the train and the truck violate the principle of singularity in the universe; that one thing is its own thing, and not two things or more than two things. That one atom is its own atom. That one mind is its own mind. You think therefore you are, both yous being singular. This single-ness, when broken, lets out a screech as it re-asserts itself, busting metal, crunching and twisting and bending and breaking until the two onenessess are reestablished.

The truck turns.

It does not meet the train.

The train continues on its tracks.

The truck had almost hit the train, but it did not. Order, as we understand it, is restored.

Virtual Railfan, the video uploader, explains in more detail the details of the video uploaded:

A 53' delivery truck in Ashland is oblivious to approaching Amtrak #94, which is thrown into emergency by the possible collision. The only contact appears to be with the Amtrak mirror. The driver does not stop, and even rolls the stop sign as he turns right to leave. The Amtrak remains in emergency for 5 minutes while the train is inspected, and then proceeds to pick up the awaiting passengers.


(Hat tip to Kela!) 

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


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The Truck Almost Hits The Train

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