I Have No Idea What This Mid-Engine Corvette C8.R Race Car Sounds Like

All image credits: KGP Spy Photography
All image credits: KGP Spy Photography

There’s still no official word from GM regarding the “mid-engine Corvette” but images and audio of the camouflaged race car running around today yield some, uh, interesting aural hints as to what powers the thing.


Head over to Sportscar365 to see images of the racer wearing camo, which was caught testing today at Road America in Wisconsin. Additionally, the outlet was also able to obtain some trackside audio, which you can listen to below.

I have no idea what the hell that sounds like. It could be a V6, it could be a V8. It doesn’t sound like a traditional, American V8, but more like the smaller-displacement Ferrari V8s. Maybe something with a flat-plane crank? It’s so hard to tell with race cars.

Anyway, as for more speculation, the upcoming production Corvette might, in fact, have a twin-turbo V8, which we discussed back in April. (Unfortunately, the video we posted has since been removed.) Earlier this year, General Motors made headlines with the Cadillac “hot vee” twin-turbo V8, which was the first Cadillac-only V8 in a long time. Maybe the new Corvette will get that V8.

Or maybe it’ll have a 1,000-horsepower hybrid setup. Who’s to say?

What does that race car sound like to you?

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It probably sounds great, pulling in and out of the garage once every May to be washed and waxed,driven back inside and covered. Grandpa’s new piece doesn’t like riding in it, so they end up driving her ES350 everywhere they go.