What Feature Do You Wish More Cars Came With?

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Today’s cars come with a wealth of technology that people just 20 years ago could only dream of. They don’t fly yet, but they do damn near everything else! You can get semi-autonomous safety tech, on-board WiFi and engines with variable compression. All very cool, but do you sometimes wish that other features would get the same kind of manufacturer attention?


Each new car I read about today nearly floors me with the options they come with. A Nissan Rogue with a ProPilot option? That’s wonderful, but please show me a car with a special nook for my bag. It’s difficult because there really isn’t one.

Just look at that excellent nook.
Just look at that excellent nook.

In fact, the last car that had a handy little nook for things like handbags or items was my mother’s 1999 Lexus RX300. And no, before you ask, ours wasn’t champagne, it was white.

That space between the shifter and the center divider was perfect for storing small- to medium-sized items. It even had a bit of plastic flooring on top of the carpet, so you weren’t just putting your bag on the floor of the car.

If you’re a woman, I’m sure you’re all too familiar with just throwing your bag into the passenger seat. If there’s someone there, the bag either goes into the footwell or the backseat (if you have one), where it’s hard to reach. I haven’t seen another car with such a space and I think we’re all missing out. Cars are wildly advanced today; I just want a place to put my damn purse.

Anyway, what features do you wish cars came with?

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somewhat of a feature?

More color options.

Car colors these days are HIDEOUSLY boring. I would love a world where, from the dealer, you could order something interesting, maybe even a simple livery, something to just spice the car up.

a white Audi, yeah its nice... but a bright green Audi, now thats just cool.