These Are The Most God-Awful Test Drives You've Ever Been On

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Screenshot: Comic Book Nostalgia (YouTube)
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It doesn’t matter if you’re the salesman or the interested buyer: Conducting a test drive isn’t always easy. Everyone has their own unique way of driving a car. Not all of them are safe.


Last week, I asked you guys for the more nightmarish test drives you’ve ever been on. Speeding? Crashing? Brake failure?

Whatever went down, I wanted to hear about it.

WRX Comparo (BubRubb)

Props to that guy for never breaking character.

Interference (bmwloco)

In this case, definitely interfere with that guy’s fun.


Quick Thinking (petebmwm)

Rude? Yes. Safe? Definitely.


Calling For Help (Jordan)

Fuck that.


Sexism Alive And Well (TheGMRattle)

What an asshole.


Bad Bad Bad (benlama1)

That is sexual assault. Holy shit.


Classic (Drew Wilson)

I’d actually be more nervous about the cars in a classic car shop.


Smart (Send_it)

Actually, this is sorta brilliant.


Birthday (Bone(Diddly))

Buckle up!


Totaled (Gizmo44)



You Know What Happens... (Noodles)

When you assume.


h/t to Bucky Turco for the idea!

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.


Hayden Lorell

Benlama: Been there too...not on a test drive but I had a coworker who just would not take a hint. One day he made the mistake of slapping my ass on the showroom floor (which is completely monitored by cameras). So I just calmly walked up to the business manager and had her look at the footage. She pretty much said “I’ve been waiting for an excuse to fire his creepy ass”. Like, just because you do that shit on the dance floor at Rich’s doesn’t mean you can do that here dude.