One Reason Why It Sucks To Sell Cars On Craigslist: Crazy Text Messages Like These

It seems like everyone has a crazy Craigslist buyer story, but this reader who was trying to sell a classic Mini got into what started as a price negotiation and somehow unwound into a weird racist tirade. Buyers like this make a solid argument for trade-ins.


Regular Jalopnik reader Tyler likes classic Minis, but he has too many of them (relatable!) and put one up for sale recently, hoping to find it a good home. Now people that buy Minis are a unique bunch, but are generally chill and friendly folks.

This particular buyer, however, either has some serious issues or has nothing better to do than to troll people selling cars on the internet. Below are a series of screenshots and a conversation that the seller claims are totally legit.


Besides the breakneck speed with which this got super racist, it’s hard to imagine how a simple conversation about a car sale could go so south.


Like, why?

There is obviously no point in even trying to explain this behavior. But as ridiculous and unhinged this conversation is, I bet it’s not too far off some of the off-the-wall characters many of you have encountered when selling cars privately.

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