Today is America’s birthday, and so your hardworking Jalopnik staff is taking a little time off to grill meat, drink High Life and contemplate the Oldsmobile Toronado. We suggest you do the same, but even if you don’t, we have a day of posts ready for your perusal. You’re welcome.


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The Old Man from Scene 24

I remember a time when not only did America put a man on the moon, we also stuffed a 455 cubic inch torque monster of an engine under the hood of a front-wheel-drive car.

We laughed at the laws of physics, bent them to our will, and when we were done, we showed our accomplishments to the rest of the world and shouted “LOOK UPON OUR TORONADO AND DESPAIR!”

Even the gods themselves trembled in fear that day!!

Then OPEC happened, and everybody started buying Civics and Corollas.

Regardless....... AMERICA!!! FUCK YEAH!!!