Helicopters Always Make A Big Entrance But This Is Next Level

There were just a couple dudes working on a cliffside when suddenly–a Eurocopter AS350 helicopter pops up like a playful sea otter and performs a rolly-flippy dance that might make you queasy just watching it from the ground. It is most excellent.

I’m not totally sure if this is a new or an old video but it blew my mind when I saw it reposted on the Instagram account Combat_Learjet, which identifies the pilot as Alessandro Galli and the AS350 helicopter as belonging to Eliticino and Tarmac-Aviation. I’m not 100 percent sure that’s accurate but the helicopter does look like one on that company’s page.


If that is the case, that company operates out of Switzerland and this bird could be pretty high above sea level here.

My colleague and fellow flight enthusiast Mike Ballaban was trying to help me figure out what maneuver, exactly, we’re watching here. (Somewhere between an Immelman turn and a whifferdill? Help us out, real pilots.)

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I always like seeing videos of helicopters flying and due to the framerate the rotor appears to not spin and it is flying via some sort of magic.