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Jalopnik Movie Club: Friendly reminder that this week’s movie review is 2014's Need For Speed! If you have any hot takes, be sure to email me at justin [at] jalopnik [dot] com, or make your case in the comments below.


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Jeff Glucker

Random story - I was invited to the set of this film, along with another journalist. It was while they were shooting in Georgia, which was standing in for New Jersey. Picked up at the airport, we’re driven to a hotel not far from the set so we can dump luggage before heading over.

We’re there while they’re shooting nighttime scenes so the day is ...long. The PR person for the film is walking us around, showing us trailers, crew food area, and the garages.

The best part was the garage space. Not because of any supercars but because the mechanic crew were wrenching on the guts of hero cars and everything in there comes packing an LS3. But the actual coolest vehicle in there was (I think) a Daihatsu HiJet converted into a rolling tool chest. It had larger wheels and it was driven from set to set as needed. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to take any photos of anything... I was promised any photos I’d need would be sent to me later by their on-set shooter (that never happened, made for a great article - thanks!).

The PR person is going on and on about the sushi dinner that was being prepared for the evening. “We’re driving up some big shot chef from Atlanta, it’s going to be amazing!” I ask what time dinner is and hear “Midnight-ish...” as the answer.

Check my watch - “7:15pm” ...fuck.

So now it’s time to watch them shoot some scenes. Well, actually one scene about 50 times. The first few times were pretty rad, I’ll be honest. It was some race scene that takes place early in the movie and the camera car was a matte black ML63 with a huge Russian arm on top.

Rhys Millen was there as the stunt driver for the bad guy, and he had to have highlights in his hair - that was hilarious. I saw Breaking Bad Jesse wandering around a bit as well.

So after watching the same scene a few times, I turn to the other journo and ask “Do you have what you need from this?” “Yep, I’m good”

We tell the PR person we’d like to head back to the hotel please (I flew in from the East Coast that morning and was flying back the next day). He was shocked we were okay with missing the sushi but got us a ride back.

So I don’t have a hot take but I do have a random story about the film.

...a film I never wound up watching.

The moral here is that most movie sets are boring as fuck. Also, it’s kind of fun standing a foot taller than nearly everyone there.