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Dangerous 'Sideshows' In LA Draw Hundreds To Watch Cars Do Donuts

Illustration for article titled Dangerous Sideshows In LA Draw Hundreds To Watch Cars Do Donuts
Screenshot: CBS Los Angeles (YouTube)

The most recent form of dangerous street racing currently plaguing Los Angeles are “sideshows,” which is where a large number of spectators and drivers take over intersections to watch cars perform stunts like donuts and burnouts. A few such sideshows took place over the weekend, drawing hundreds of onlookers.


At the intersection of West Duarte Road and South Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia, 300 to 400 people reportedly amassed to watch cars doing burnouts, reports CBS Los Angeles. The cars at times came dangerously close to spectators.

One witness who was at a nearby bar at 1 a.m. on Sunday heard “screaming and tires screeching.” He said:

“I was in shock. They blocked the intersection to do donuts, and it was, like, going off about eight to 10 minutes before you heard police sirens coming.”


He added that people tried to flee the police when they arrived.

Another takeover happened in Pico Rivera, but this one was more out of hand, with people throwing rocks and aiming fireworks at police. Two people were arrested, according to CBS. Thankfully, no one was injured.

LAPD is actively attempting to crack down on street racing, but it’s not easy. It’s hard to predict where takeovers will suddenly pop up, and as soon as the police come, everyone scatters.


Street racing is no joke. In March, the Los Angeles Times published a harrowing story about the victims of street racing, most of whom weren’t even participating in the event.

While wanting to imitate some of the stunts seen in the Fast and Furious franchise could be a reason, some people could also just get a thrill from breaking the law. But no matter how cool doing donuts in a public intersection makes you to your friends, street racing is dangerous and puts lives at risk.


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I just don’t understand how people can do burn outs for fun & entertainment when tires cost what they do. Rear tires on my fun car, the cheapest that aren’t complete crap that actually have some performance in them, start at $150-$200 and they only go up from there. If Im having to spend near $400 at the least on just rear tires the last thing I’m going to be doing is burn outs unless Imbout to stage on a strip.