Here's How I Blew Up My First Car: A Porsche 944

As he watched the video he turned to me and said “Some of these photos... I’m reliving this nightmare all over again.”


I was lucky enough to get our social editor, Aaron Brown, to talk about his first car—a Porsche 944. I put Car “Enthusiast” into his lower third, because if you knew anything about Aaron, you would know he currently owns five different cars, some of which may or may not work. The Jalopnik way is all more of a lifestyle than a hobby for the guy.

It’s safe to say that almost everyone has a story about their first car. This video series, My First Car, I’ve been wanting to do for a while and this is the first episode! We’ll have other folks from the site on it, plus our friends at Gizmodo Media and the other parts of the car world, and maybe some unexpected guests.

So let the Jalopnik video team take you on a journey as I proudly introduce the first (of hopefully many) episodes of “My First Car.” Let us know what—and who—you want to see in this space.

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Let us know what—and who—you want to see in this space.

I want to see articles rather than videos.

Just one person’s opinion. Obviously you’re the video producer, so this is what you do, but I skip nearly all of Jalop’s video content.