Tell Us About The Time Your Car Saved Your Life

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Cars are designed to protect us in the event of a crash. It’s unfortunate, but it happens sometimes. When did a car save your life?


For our own Raphael Orlove, a BMW E30 race car helped him cheat death one rain-soaked day at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. At a certain point in the day, Raph found himself stalled on the exit of a corner. Before he knew it, another car T-boned him at 80 mph right in the driver’s side door.

The race car’s door bars are what saved Raph. Here’s what he wrote:

They’re wider than on even any rally car I’ve ridden in, and made out of extra thick steel. Very honestly, if there had been something like a bolt-in cage in the car, or even any weaker construction on the cage, I would have been crippled if not killed. A bolt-in would have ripped right out, and a set of thinner X-bars would have allowed more intrusion towards the area I reserve for my bones and internal organs than I prefer. Andrew built a race car that saved my life. I’m grateful for that.

It sounded like a harrowing experience for sure, but we’re all glad that Raph made it out alright.

Now tell me, when did a car save your life?

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Mercedes Streeter

2012 smart fortwo.

I used to live in a bad city. It wasn’t abnormal for people to ask me for my phone number or go straight to asking for sexual favours. I’ve had offers to join someone behind a dumpster, make someone a baby (hoo boy, if only they knew), and it only went downhill from there.

Some of these individuals just wouldn’t take no for an answer and they would attempt to follow me home. That’s when the smart’s low speed agility really helped me out. I would dart down neighbourhood streets and city alleyways without warning, either losing them or forcing them to pull a U-Turn to attempt to continue chase. At first, I would just come home and run into my apartment complex, but some of them were good enough to show up as I was in the parking lot, thus making me sprint with a screwdriver in my hands.

Later on I’d just park in front of a police station and that would always successfully scare them off. Then I’d drive on a bike path to get back home.

So that’s my story...not of a crash, but my little car protecting me from danger. ♥ Sadly, protecting it back from multiple eggings and paintballing wasn’t very successful...Moving fixed that.