This Janky BMW E36 Camper Van Race Car Is The 24 Hours Of Lemons In A Nutshell

Gif: TheHoonigans (YouTube)

Get a rolling BMW E36 shell for $200, add the V8 from a Chevrolet Suburban and cobble together parts you can’t afford or that don’t exist on your own. There’s a pie plate in the front to keep the cold air intake in place, anatomical doodles in the trunk, and did we mention the camper top? Behold vehicular perfection.

Black Iron Racing kludged this BMW camper van together to race in the 24 Hours of Lemons, a series for sub-$500 cars—allegedly, anyway.


“The more weird you make the car, the less they look at your budget.”

(Protip: you can also smooth over a lot of dumb stuff by if you show up drinking beans out of a shoe. I’m just saying. I got a “that’s disgusting” and a wave on through with my Porsche 944. This looks less likely to give you hoof-in-mouth disease, though.)

Perhaps the best part of this car is that it’s a replica of one team member’s own camper that he brings to race weekends. The shower works. It’s all been fabbed up by the team themselves to look somewhat proportional on the little BMW.

And of course, it’ll still rip donuts like a champ with a pink bicycle on the back. That’s what matters, of course. Just don’t pull a Shitcar and hit the wall—oh. Oh, whoops.

“That’s the first time a house has hit our dock!” said Vin from Hoonigan. But will it be the last? Probably not, knowing this crew.

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