World's Craziest Chevrolet Cavalier Driver Says 'I Told U I'm A STUNNER'

The Chevrolet Cavalier is one of those great hallmarks of “meh:” a car so aggressively bleh that you can’t hardly feh about it. They fade into the background unless they’re covered in Insane Clown Posse stickers or something. Yet this driver found a way to make even a beige Cavalier exciting.

We’re big fans of tray-based donuts here at Jalopnik, where you put your rear wheels on a couple of cafeteria trays to keep the rear end of a front-wheel-drive car loose, and spin until your heart’s content.


This guy one-ups it by hanging out of the door for “rodeo donuts.”

Just another wild and crazy Cavalier owner! Hey, you’ve got to make this car interesting somehow.

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Of course you can make a Cavalier interesting! Just add “JDM” to the front of the name!